Quick Tips

Always keep your own scorecard.  Keep track of the fairways you hit.  Greens in regulation.  And your putts. And if you have time, mark your yardage for each club.  In short, build a yardage book for each course you play. •  Play the way you feel that day.  You will not always hit you 7 iron 160 yards. Play more than you practice.  There’s nothing like on-course experience. And document shots that need improvement in your NUMBERS book. Or GolfSteady’s PRACTICE Book. •  Keep the ball in play.  Don’t let your ego take you out of your game. Visualize every shot and have a pre-shot routine. Play within yourself.  Know your limitations. If you have doubt, reference your yardage book. When you’re on the practice range remember—you’re better off making 10 good swings with only 10 balls than hitting 50 balls with little thought.