Hey there

This first story is gonna be about ME. And it’s gonna be real short. Okay, here we go:

Hi, my name is Ray Campbell and I am the founder and discoverer of The LA.ME T-Shirt Company.  I’m a native Angeleno. And yes, native Angelenos are hard to find here in Los Angeles. But they do exist. Okay, full disclosure. I wasn’t born here.  I was born in Nurnberg, Germany. On an U.S. Army base.  My parents moved me here when I was about one and a half years old.  And I lived here in LA ever since.  Now, I’m not gonna tell you my age—but that was a real long time ago.  So, I believe I can call myself an Angeleno. I  went to Halldale Elementary, Fleming Jr. High, Narbonne and then USC. I got into advertising and starting writing and designing. (Which makes designing T-shirts somewhat of a natural fit.)  Okay, I told you this story was going to be short.  Maybe I’ll write more on it later.  Maybe I won’t. For now, this is all you get.  Until next time!  Cheers.

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